Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pakistani Girl In School Dress white suit and blue Dupatta

School Girl Nazia

school girl

Kurta - pajamas, which consists of pieces of clothing, is of the basic Indian clothing for men. The first is that the dress Kurta as a loose long shirt reaching the knees, while the second is the panties or pajamas, a light-weight trousers Rabat. While usually worn on formal occasions, may also Kurta pajamas worn casually. Infact, there's plenty of Indian men who wear the dress as such sleepwear.

used to make Kurta pajamas because they are designed to be comfortable loose fitting clothes belong. Despite the nice quality of cotton is the material usually used to make Kurta pajamas, & other materials like silk & satin are also used. Adults often prefer wearing pajamas & Kurta in neutral colors, because it gives a worthy. Children, on the other hand, wear this dress in different shapes & patterns. Chappal shoes Kolhapuri are most favorable for this type of clothing.

This was due to British colonial India that the word 'pajamas' dress & spread to other parts of the world. In India you will often find politicians wearing a starched white Kurta pajamas. According to custom, the civilian wear this dress in the coursework of the holidays & other special occasions such as Holi, a religious ceremony, etc.. Only soft tissues, the materials

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