Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bride Indian Salwar kameez Latest Fashion

Beautiful Indian Salwar Kameez Design

When it comes to the bride Indian Salwar kameez is of the choices that of the dress code for the D-Day. of the traditional Indian dress, because an ideal combination of elegance and comfort. Although the Punjab those already known to wear pants suit to the marriage, and brides from a different culture has also begun with the adoption of the dress. Wedding Salwaar Kameez adorned with plenty of decorations, such as embroidery or heavy (with silver or gold wire), and stones, crystals and sequins to make it look rich and splendid.

salwar kameez
Shorts - kameez is a traditional dress worn by ladies in India, on a regular basis. And includes a group of Alsilwar (shirt), trousers (pants) and Dupatta / chunni (stolen). It can be described as a long kameez shirt or jacket, which can be short or long time without sleeves. It consists chak (solder side) below the waist, usually to the knees. Pants and can be understood as a loose pajama pants, with a built-in series, and the waist-level, for coupling. And Dupatta / chunni as a stable, which can either be hung on the shoulder or the neck on


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