Sunday, July 10, 2011

Is This Pakistani Girl Photo?

Desi Girl Showing Her cute Breast

The Dupatta is a long rectangular, scarf, like dust, & worn on the shoulders of females in India. Usually administered with traditional Salwaar Kamëz, Dupatta symbol of modesty in the Indian society. It is known by various names such as Odhni, Chunari, & even Chunni Unni (mentioned by people in the Gujarati community).

Duppata are made of different materials such as cotton, silk, chiffon and Georgette, etc.. Usually it is worn by taking in to account the composition of color pants - India as well as a bear. There's lots of ways you can wear Dupatta. It is usually worn over the shoulders of ladies and finish of the drape over their head, and when the elders as a sign of respect. Otherwise, if worn over pants suit you can wrap around your neck like a silencer . Another style of wearing Dupatta is leave hanging from side of the shoulder. In the current mode, it is often draped over shoulder, balanced with the other party in the Criminal of the arm of another. And duppata can basically be color, shadow, or multi-colored pattern. In some cases, where the dress simple, glam and ladies by wearing a heavily embroidered Dupatta over that. This is so in the case of a costume wedding. Dupatta and the bride is often nicely. In some Indian states, such as Bengal and Rajasthan, a special type of tie and dye duppatas available. The cost of this duppatas range from 100 rupees to one,000 rupees

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