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Stephen Chow Picture with biography

Stephen Chow

Stephen Chow Picture with biography
Stephen Chow Profile

Name: Chow Sing Chi, Stephen
DOB: June 22, 1962
Place of birth: Hong Kong
Height: 174cm
Profession: Actor, director and producer

(Also credited as Stephen Chau, Chow Xing Chi, Chau Sing Chi, Chau Xing Chi, Zhou Xingchi, Zhou Xingci)

Stephen Chow Biography/Biodata

Stephen Chow is one of Asia most popular actors, and is making his fame in Hollywood as well. Some of his early popular comedy movies include All For The Winner, Fight Back to School and From Beijing With Love etc.

Stephen Chow is developing into good director and movie producer in recent years, his blockbuster productions include Shaolin Soccer and Kungfu Hustle which won him multiple awards.

Stephen Chow was born in Hong Kong, but spent his youth days in Shanghai with his family. Chow is a great admirer of late action star Bruce Lee, and developed interest in martial arts and aimed to be an action star.

Stephen Chow was inducted into Hong Kong TVB acting school and graduated in 1982. He was given the opportunity to host a children program 430 Space Shuttle by TVB and began to gain popularity.

Stephen Chow was also involved in some supporting role for numerous TVB series, but his breakthrough actually came from the big screen. His comedic role as a thief in Danny Lee’s movie Final Justice (1988) won him a Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor Award.

With that achievement, TVB started offering Chow leading actor role in TV drama Final Combat, which he continued to charm the audience with his non-logic comedy.

Stephen Chow continued to star in movies, and got another breakthrough in 1990, starring in Jeff Lau’s smash-hit All For The Winner (1990) that made him a superstar.

Stephen Chow never looked back and used his nonsense comedy performance to dominate the Hong Kong box office in 1990s.

Chow’s influence began to involve in screen-writing and directing in From Beijing With Love (1994), as he tried to impose more story plots in his movie rather than pure comedy.

Although winning the public acclaims, Chow did not manage to put his hands on any major movie awards again, not until Shaolin Soccer in 2001.

After The King of Comedy in 1999, Stephen took a relative long break to produce his masterpiece, Shaolin Soccer, with hope to score in both box office and movies awards.

By combining comedy, love and CGI effects, Chow’s effort paid off; as Shaolin Soccer became the best selling movie of the year, and claimed numerous movies awards.

Shaolin Soccer gained so much attention in Asia that Hollywood decided to try their luck and imported the movie; the movie is not a huge success, but did achieve decent results to spark interest from in US about Stephen Chow.

Chow’s 2004 production, Kung Fu Hustle achieve more success than Shaolin Soccer. It broke Hong Kong box office record again, and won Chow numerous awards; and brought him a nomination for Best Foreign Film in US prestigious Golden Globe Awards.

The production of Kung Fu 2 has been confirmed, but the production had been postponed due to unforeseeable issues. Chow has just started the production of another movie instead, A Hope, which is related to fatherly love and outer space venture.
Stephen Chow Filmography

stephen chow Movie list

A Hope (2007*)
Kung Fu Hustle (2004)
Shaolin Soccer (2001)
The King of Comedy (1999)
Gorgeous (1999) … cameo
The Tricky Master (1999)
The Lucky Guy (1998)
Lawyer Lawyer (1997)
All’s Well, Ends Well 97′ (1997)
God of Cookery (1996)
Forbidden City Cop (1996)
Sixty Million Dollar Man (1995)
Out of the Dark (1995)
A Chinese Odyssey Part 2 – Cinderella (1995)
A Chinese Odyssey Part 1 – Pandora’s Box (1995)
From China with Love (1994)
Hail the Judge (1994)
Love on Delivery (1994)
Mad Monk (1993)
Flirting Scholar (1993)
My Hero 2 (1993) … cameo
Fight Back to School III (1993)
King of Beggars (1992)
Royal Tramp II (1992)
Royal Tramp (1992)
Justice, My Foot (1992)
Fight Back to School II (1992)
All’s Well, Ends Well (1992)
Fist of Fury 1991 II (1992)
King of Beggers (1992)
The Banquet (1991) … cameo
Magnificent Scoundrels (1991)
God of Gamblers 3 – Back to Shanghai (1991)
Fight Back to School (1991)
Crazy Safari (1991) … narrator
Fist of Fury 1991 (1991)
Top Bet (1991) … cameo
Tricky Brains (1991)
Legend of the Dragon (1991)
God of Gamblers 2 (1990)
Triad Story (1990)
When Fortune Smiles (1990)
All for the Winner (1990)
Look Out, Officer! (1990)
Sleazy Dizzy (1990)
Curry and Pepper (1990)
The Unmatchable Match (1990)
Lung Fung Restaurant (1990)
My Hero (1990)
Love Is Love (1990)
Thunder Cops II (1989)
Tragic Heroes (1989)
Dragon Fight (1989)
Faithfully Yours (1988)
Final Justice (1988)

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